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We are a digital agency based in NYC doing well two things that matter the most when it comes to a business’s online presence – online marketing and design.

If you are a business looking to gain more direct sales through your website and/or if you need a beautiful website or logo designed for your brand – we can help you! We specialize in helping start-ups and businesses with a low or no online marketing budget.




"You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it?"

- Phil Knight, Chairman of Nike Inc.

Low or No Budget?

No problem! Just like you – we’re a business that ones was a start-up, and we’re still a business that successfully operates with a very limited online marketing budget – so we can relate to your problem.

However, this does not stop us from implementing effective online marketing strategies and designs that help us with our online presence – and neither should stop you!

Let's work


Let us work together toward a common goal – a better online presence for your business!

Online Marketing

by WebOculus

We start by developing a sound digital strategy aligned with your business goals. This encompasses all things strategy – beginning with brand strategy, content strategy, market research, setting measurements and insights (business goals and KPIs), data analytics, and business intelligence.

Once the strategy is in place – the real work begins. SEO and SEM are the backbone of online marketing. They both start with keyword research and from there we branch out to your social media channels, email marketing, content creation, lead generation, and so on. SEO and SEM require a constant user or A/B testing and optimization, and we inevitably end up in a more technical field of online marketing, such as analytics integrations and marketing automation.

In terms of design for online marketing – it essentially addresses two aspects of the business – branding and experience.

Branding design covers all things branding – logo design, images, videos, animations, and various offline designs aka collaterals (brochures, rack cards, business cards, etc.)

Experience design is more technical and covers website design and development, UX + UI design, and eCommerce design.


by WebOculus

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